Painting, Sculpture e Arquitecture

The awakening of the magicians

Many will know that no one converted the old saying «everything that glitters is not gold» to «not everything that is gold glitters» better than Pessoa, more of a person than most.
Curiously enough, everytime my path crossesTim's - from our childhood, in the fierce sea of Praia das Maçãs, to nowadays, in an office somewhere between Cascais and Sintra, where we share arts and crafts - this deeper version of the popular proverb comes to mindIt has always been hard to discern in his simultaneously magnificent and discreet figure what only the blunting of his Art was able to single out:the taste left by his presence and demeanor.It's one of those rare instances, so rare, where creator and creature become one, because the skin of one is glued so perfectly to the skin of the other. Therefore it was hard to resist the temptation of putting him before his work in the catalogue of another of his enchanting exhibitionsEverything about him is classy and those who were born with the gift to recognize this subtle singularity, aiming at no profit, will know it does not originate from stylist from Rome or Milan, but only from an interior attitude, discreet and unassuming, unpretentious to all titles and without anything grotesquely affirmative.It is clear from the way he dresses, the way he moves, the way he speaks and smiles, the way he creates and, i dare say, the way he falls and rises with the same imperishable air of a Renaissance prince.In conclusion: Tim Madeira will not shine to the eyes of those on the look for sequin and strass in garments, as he was predestined to the nobility of sobriety but it are his works, his lamps, the solid of gold of his unique, original and distinctive creations that shine. It is there and there only the magicians awake to illuminate our path,«This is the way…», whisper the torch bearers. «This is the way…» and us, restless and curious flocks of enchanted childrens under a spell, we follow the magical flute of his sparkling track with our eyes wide open…. "

Rita Ferro


Born in Lisbon 26th May, 1955


Special interest in plastic arts, attending an initiation program at Museum of Antique Art in Lisbon, Portugal.


Evaluations on Art Painting at School Superior of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal.


Visual Communications Program by Professor Martins Correia, Lisbon, Portugal.


Photography Course, Arco, Lisbon, Portugal.


Architecture at School of Superior Architecture in Madrid, Spain.


Architecture at College of Architecture in Lisbon, Portugal.


Works with architect Henrique Madeira, Lisbon, Portugal.


Hired as an architect by João Lagos Sports Firm (responsible for all the lay-outs and interior designs, both national and international business events), Lisbon, Portugal.